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Adams will not surrender to PSNI

The brother of Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said he will not surrender himself to the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Liam Adams’ solicitor said his client did not feel he could get a fair trial in Northern Ireland because of what had been said in the media.

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Adams’ brother hands himself in

Adams’ brother hands himself in

Liam Adams went into a police station in Sligo on Monday afternoon.

It is understood detectives there could not detain him because they did not have the necessary European arrest warrant.

Mr Adams left the station after giving police his name and address and saying that he was willing to be questioned.

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Man in court over 1973 murder

Finally someone has been charged with the sectarian murder of Alfredo Fusco in February 1973.

Robert Clarke was arrested in August following a new investigation by the Historical Enquiries Team (HET).

Mr Fusco, 57, a prominent member of Belfast’s Italian community was shot dead after gunmen burst into his cafe and singled him out.

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The mood is vengeful…..

The mood is vengeful, with demands for episcopal heads to roll coming from all sections of society. Three weeks ago, in the Irish parliament, Sinn Fein’s Human Rights spokesman denounced those who ‘colluded in crime, in depraved sexual attacks, in an abuse of  power and influence, they perverted the course of justice, they protected the guilty.”

Does that apply to Gerry Adams too?

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Who did Gerry tell about his brother?

Gerry Adams :
“When I discovered in the Belfast situation that he was working in a youth facility I went to those who had responsibility for that facility and told them of the allegation.”

Clonard Youth Centre has issued a statement, making clear it was unaware of any allegations against Liam Adams when he worked there.

Spokesperson Brendan Dineen said the centre had reviewed all its documentation “and there is no record whatsoever regarding concerns about Mr Liam Adams during his time of employment at Clonard Youth Centre.”

more lies from Mr Adams?

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Adams Family Crisis update

The news is being updated every minute on this case with Republicans calling for Adams to resign, some Sinn Fein diehards defending their leader’s behaviour  (with people questioning their defence of this undefendable behaviour).

People are digging up past stories and the most important one to come out so far is Adams’ memorable speech in 1997 where he said:

“The RUC are not acceptable and, indeed, are using these issues for their own militaristic ends,”

when talking about counsellors, in North Belfast who could deal with issues of child and drug abuse, to supporters. I remember that speech. He got a lot of stick for it at the time from the SDLP and the Alliance party.

Is Adams trying to revise history, something he is very adept at, when he tells us that he told his niece he would take her to the RUC in the 1980’s and the allegations first surfaced?

I remember when all republicans avoided the RUC and wouldn’t go near them for any reason so you went to your local Sinn Fein rep. Now we know that Aine and her mother went to the head honcho. He has admitted it. So why was nothing done about it? In republican areas in the 80’s and 90’s there was community policing in place and accusations like this are the worst kind you can face. So why did no one know? Did republicans not have the right to know they had a child abuser in their midst? And to tell you the truth, in the 80’s and 90’s people were kneecapped or found face down in the road for less serious crimes within the community. Child abuse has always been one of the worst crimes, not only in Republican circles but in any decent society, and has always be dealt with. No where has a child abuser been allowed to roam free and work with children. Was he allowed because of his surname?

Serious questions have been asked and Adams is not available for comment. He claimed he informed Clonard Youth Centre about his brother when he found out he worked there (ok he worked there for 5 years before Gerry found out and let’s just believe that lie for a while) but now Clonard Youth Centre are saying that they were unaware of any allegations, no one told them of the serious allegations against Liam Adams. Who should we believe? Adams or Clonard Youth Centre?

I know who I believe, not because I respect them more but because they are not complusive liars.

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Gerry Adams, his father, his brother and child abuse.

News has been coming out all weekend about the allegations made against Liam Adams, Gerry’s brother, and the abuse he subjected his daughter to when she was a child. On Friday night UTV aired an interview with Adams, his niece and her mother about the allegations and to tell the truth Gerry and Fr Aiden Troy didn’t come out smelling like roses.

Gerry then gave an interview on RTE yesterday (Sunday) and claimed that his own father was also a child abuser. Where Gerry claimed that he didn’t know if he was abused or not. How can you not know if you were abused or not? Is this another ploy (a disgusting one at that) to try and save that sinking ship that is known as Sinn Fein?

There are many twists in this story. Adams knew about the abuse 20 years ago. He allowed his brother to work with children, he allowed (and supported) his brother to continue his Provo Sinn Fein career in Dundalk. Fr Troy used his position within the Catholic Church to try and force the victim to drop the charges and to protect the abuser. It is also very strange that Gerry doesn’t know where his brother is seeing as he has kept in contact with him since the allegations first surfaced. Should they not have let at least the community know there was a pedophile living in their midst?

Serious questions need to be raised by the RUC behaviour at the time who were more interested in getting information on the Adams family and not interested enough is getting justice for the victim when this crime was first reported to them in the late 80’s. Why did they not arrest Liam Adams? Why did they not question him? Why was he allowed to continue working with children? Were they more interested in getting the dirt on the Adams family? Something to hold over Gerry’s head and force his hand? Did they turn Liam Adams? Did they use this information to recruit a new informer namely Liam Adams?

Follow the debate and views on this story on

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Join Irish Republican Newsletter, Help spread the word!

a cairde

We are putting together the August Newsletter if anyone has any news, articles, or opinions please email them to
Our circulation is increasing especially abroad where the newsletter is being used to spread the Republican agenda despite the state media censorship and the continued attempts to criminalise the Republican struggle.
We are also asking for “on the ground Reporters” to work with the newsletter on a regular basis, be it news from your area in the occupied 6 or monthly questions from our American/​international supporters and news from abroad. Please let us know if you’d be interested in working with us!

go raibh maith agaibh

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Action Alert for Noel Maguire

A cairde

We are asking friends and supporters to rally to the aid of Noel Maguire once again to help him return closer to home this has been a massive travesty of justice perpetrated on a Republican POW, Noel  who’s case is known to most of us and the hardships he and his family have suffered at the hands of the British and Free State governments, No compassion was shown to him or his children who have not seen their father in 9 years.

In a recent correspondence with IPSC the following was received

“We are pleased to inform you that we wrote to the Cross Border Transfer Section on August 23 confirming that we are content for Mr Maguire to transfer to a prison in Northern Ireland, therefore it is now the responsibility of the Cross Border Transfer Section to contact the Governor of HMP Whitemoor, who is responsible for arranging the transfer with our Prisoner Escort Group (PECCS).

This is the first acknowledgment that Noel is to be transferred after the authorities claimed to have mislaid his transfer request but they still are in no hurry to transfer Noel.

We must apply pressure on those that are responsible for the transfer to speed up the process and finally allow Noel to be closer to his family and friends, to this end we ask that friends and supporters to contact those below and ask them to repatriate Noel to Maghaberry quickly, given the fact they promised Noel a quick and speedy repatriation if he gave up his fight to be repatriated to Portlaoise. They must not be allowed to renege on their promise so please support Noel in his fight to be returned so he can be closer to his family and friends

Many Thanks

Friends of Noel


Home Secretary

Right Hon. Alan Johnson MP.

Telephone: 020 7035 4848 (09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri)

Fax: 020 7035 4745


Address; 2 Marsham Street,  London, SW1, United Kingdom.


Northern Ireland Prison Service

By email:

By phone: 028 9052 5065 (General Enquiries – Text facilities available)

By post Prison Service Headquarters, Dundonald House,Upper Newtownards Road


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Colin Duffy’s Daughter Caitríona(anti-interment meeting)




Internment 2009


Upwards of 150 people packed into the Conway Education Centre on Sunday [August 9] to hear speakers Ruhal Ahmed, Pádraigín Drinan, Caitríona Duffy and Gerry McDonnell. Chaired by éirígí national vice-chairperson Rab Jackson, the talk was both thought-provoking and emotional.





 Gerry ‘Blute’ McDonnell, who gave his account of being interned in the Long Kesh Cages, is a republican activist, a former blanketman, 1983 H-Block escapee and spent a total of 23 years incarcerated. Gerry gave a personal account of the hardship endured by the internees and their families. 


Belfast-based lawyer Pádraigín Drinan then spoke about cases of the Hooded Men, whom she represented during their long fight for justice. The Hooded Men were a group of men selected for torture at the time that internment was introduced in the Six Counties in August 1971. She told of this human rights abuse and gave a forthright and moving recollection of that time in Irish history.


Ruhal Ahmed, who travelled from Birmingham to speak at éirígí’s event, is a British resident who was abducted by the US army in Afghanistan and subsequently detained in Guantanamo Bay. Ahmed, who was released in March 2004, spoke passionately about his experiences in US custody and the abuses of civil liberties inherent in the so-called War on Terror. One of the ‘Tipton Three’, whose horrendous experience was documented in Channel 4’s ‘Road to Guantanamo’, Ahmed related to the experiences of Gerry Mc Donnell and the Long Kesh Cages internees.


Finally, Caitríona Duffy from Lurgan spoke about the case of her father, Colin, who was one of the first Irish citizens to be detained under the draconian 28-day detention legislation. Colin has already been the victim of two previous miscarriages of justice. The articulate 20-year-old spoke of the vendetta the RUC/PSNI held against her father since she was a child.


 Click below to hear Caitríona speaking





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